Returning from ad tech…

I’m sitting at SFO airport waiting to catch the red-eye back to Pittsburgh. It’s really the first moment I’ve had to reflect on our company launch at ad tech over the past few days. All in al, it was a great, great show for us. We had great meetings wtih a wide cast of characters — potential biz dev partners, customer prospects, venture capital firms. As a firm, I think we spent as much time running up and down the valley meeting with folks as we did on the trade show floor — a great indication of the incredible interest in what we are doing — “individualization” of online content and advertising.

We heard from lots of folks that we were the buzz of the conference. I don’t know if that is, in fact, the case. But, I do know that we certainly caused a buzz over at Claria’s PersonalWeb booth. I think that we had every employee from Claria over trying to understand what we are doing and, in many cases, trying to figure out if we were hiring.

Subtlety is not their specialty.

The company was not subtle using their spyware technologies, just as their employees were not subtle when they came sniffing around for jobs. I think we collected as many resumes as business cards from them. Not sure what the deal is, but seems like people are looking to bail.
I’m sure I’ll be writing more about ad tech over the coming days. For now, I’ve got a red-eye to catch…most likely sitting in a middle seat next to a screaming child and a guy that snores.


~ by matflec on April 30, 2006.

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