Consumer Empowerment…coming to a theater near you

The title of this blog is “individual relevance” yet it is a topic i’ve written very little about. However, it is certainly one near and dear to my heart (see my prior post — “I’m Just One Guy“). One of the keys to creating a sense of individual relevance is putting the individual in control. It is only through this empowerment that music recommendations, blog feeds, news, etc. can be personally relevant — artificial intelligence is powerful stuff, but it alone can’t get there without human involvement. Indivivdual relevance requires this involvement at a 1:1 level.

Along these lines, iMedia (one of the thought-leading pubs on the online advertising/marketing space) wrote a nice article entitled “4 Ways to Improve Behavioral Targeting” that talked about empowerment and mSpoke. The third item on that list — Provide Control — hits this notion of empowerment head on. Nanette Marcus, the author of the article, writes:

“We need to give consumers control. Right now, only one company is doing this well– mSpoke, out of Pittsburgh, PA”

Obviously, as VP of marketing at mSpoke, I love the power of that quote. More importantly, however, as a consumer, I love the impact of it. It’s about time that the consumers — who really are the web in this 2.0 era — are given the keys to the kingdom. Finally, we are seeing tectonic shifts resulting in an “Erosion of Power: Users in Charge” to steal a quote from Esther Dyson.

Although a bit more indirectly, Alex Barnett has a nice post about Attention 2.0 and how it is all about putting the users in control of their own attention/attention data.

This notion of empowerment is rapidly gaining momentum…if user’s aren’t in charge now, they will be very, very soon. I’m getting the sense this blog — individual relevance — is going to get very fun as this whole notion of empowerment continues to play out.


~ by matflec on May 3, 2006.

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