Bold Moves not Old Moves

In his online spin column today, tom hespos writes about seth godin and his forthcoming book — Small is the New Big.  He uses seth’s book as a backdrop to discuss Ford’s “Bold Moves” campaign.  Tom, as usual, does a great job pontificating ahead of the curve — discussing how Ford is helping to “drive” (bad pun intended) ad campaigns toward a dialouge rather than a one-way conversation. 

User generated content and web 2.0 apps have certainly helped to drive content this direction…it is only logical that advertising — especially online — would follow suit.  Tom didn’t explicitly say this, but next generation behavioral targeting seems to be moving this direction.  Just as web 2.0 apps like and Technorati have come along to empower consumers with respect to content, so too will new technologies emerge to empower users with respect to advertising. 

Regardless of whether for content or for advertising, the best apps these days are the ones that empower consumers without overpowering them.  That is, they let consumers engage at the level of interaction that is comfortable for them (as lightly or as deeply as they want).  Both Techorati and do this well for content.  The question that Ford Execs and their agency should be asking themselves is who will do the same for ad targeting?


~ by matflec on August 15, 2006.

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