Wow…it’s been a while

So, I haven’t posted in a really long time.  I’ve been doing a lot of internal blogging…trying to change mindsets to ensure that we are all “wrapped around the customer” at Microsoft Office Live.  Good news…as an organization and as individuals, we very much are, which is very cool in and of itself.  However, it’s especially cool because perhaps now I can find time to start working on my own blog again. 

When starting up again, I debated about getting a whole new blog and just starting over.  But, the topic of interest is the same now as it was then — individual relevenace.  So, what do I mean by individual relevance? 

In this case, it means delivering a truly relevant online experience.  Amazon does it (well, most of the time).  Netflix is paying $1 million so that they can do it.  Not sure why Google’s not doing it (as John Battelle stated — they do have the world’s largest database of intentions).

Is Office Live doing it?  Well, I’ll be covering that here, perhaps.  But, more importantly, I’ll be covering other companies (startups, established entities, large corporations, not-for-profits, etc.) that do it well.  And, from my perspective, doing it well means treating users as an individuals and providing an experience that is on time and on target….errr, relevant. 

With that, welcome (again) to Individual Relevance… 


~ by matflec on November 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wow…it’s been a while”

  1. Matt, Welcome back buddy!

    – Sean

  2. Individual Relevance when it comes to online applications seems like something that has a lot of different factors. Do you mean is the UI developed in an intuitive way? Is it flashy enough? Does the product address the user’s needs?

    I guess the obvious answer is all of the above!

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