Name: Matt Fleckenstein

Home: Pittsburgh, PA

Occupation: VP Marketing, mSpoke

Hobbies: Technology, software, running, reading, hiking, camping, drinking good beer (especially around a campfire)

Profile: Over the past 10 years, I've leveraged my strategic marketing, product marketing, product management, and market research skills to help promising technology companies to gain market share in existing markets and to build and launch technology products into new/adjacent markets.

Currently, I'm serving as VP of Marketing for mSpoke, Inc. mSpoke™ is the world’s leading provider of next generation web content, advertising, and product personalization solutions. mSpoke™ offers truly effective, scalable personalization solutions for delivering one-to-one relevance (or individualization) to each and every consumer, even as their interests change over time.

With mSpoke’s proprietary ADAPTIVE PERSONALIZATION ENGINE,™ mPower, individuals can — for the first time — receive truly individualized content, advertising, and product recommendations from online publishers and merchants.

Disclaimer: I am an employee at mSpoke. However, the views expressed herein are solely the author's and should not be attributed to my employer or their clients. Further, this site is not maintained utilizing my employer's resources or on company time.


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